Lemnaceae - bioindicators for the ecosystem

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Representatives of the Lemnaceae, the duckweed family, are well-adapted for use as bioindicators for testing soil and water for toxic substances. Their rapid multiplication and the simplicity of their anatomy are important advantages for this use.

Duckweed morphology and characteristic forms, modes of multiplication, their reaction to heavy metal salts, pesticides, a bibliography, a little history and splendid photographs - all these you will find on these pages.

The appearance of this English version of the site became possible thanks to John Cross, the author of the site "The Charms of Duckweed", www.mobot.org/jwcross/duckweed/ I express my gratitude to John for his idea of translation, pages corrections, interest and energy in this work. I believe, that these tiny plants - duckweeds - will present their charms and mystery to everyone who will seriously work with them.


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